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    RHB32 rebuild kit

    There's still OE turbos out there if you're willing to pay the price. And there's other ones that will work, you just have to get a little creative. But for the price of an OE turbo you could probably upgrade with an available turbo and find a good fabricator to make a manifold. Nowadays you can...
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    Yup, death of many a T3. I still get so excited finding treasure. Parts are still out there, gotta be persistent. I love factory closeouts... Score!!!!
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    Turbo Query RHB32

    Info is scarce on the RHB32 water cooled turbo, almost as rare as the turbo itself has become. I've done some digging without much success, but wondering if anybody knows the difference between the VZ5 and the VZ13? They look identical, other than the water pipe manifold being a slightly...
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    '87 Suzuki Swift commercial

    I mounted some knock off Sparco seats a while back. I kept it super simple and just made an adaptor plate out of sheet aluminum. I just matched up the holes for the sliders, then matched up the holes for the cheap seats I bought at the auto parts store and got some good hardware with nylon...
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    Lil Red Rocket

    I would love another Bali LSD. Does anyone have contact info? It's been quite a few years since I sourced one, since it only fit the Euro trans, I had a ball fitting it into the American T3 trans. I remember, I received it in an empty Diet Coke 12 pack box. Appreciate any update on this gem.
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    MK1 G10T Plug and Play Fuel Cut Solution

    Only for the die hard, committed G10T MK1 aficionado's still left out there. Old news, old parts. But, new hands on update. So I like to make big power with old technology, using mechanical mods to manipulate factory electronics and make the most HP utilizing the stock electronics. The fuel cut...
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    Blown Turbo Downpipe Gasket Modified MK1 T3

    So my turbo to downpipe gasket has seen better days. When I got the last turbo kit from Jardamuth, just before they scrapped their mock up car, it was a custom build with no gaskets included. So I had to re-use the triangle gasket and make my own downpipe gasket. I think I started with...
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    Turbo AC i dle up

    A/C car has 2 Idle Up solenoids. Non A/C car has 1 solenoid. If your car did not come with A/C you likely only have the idle up solenoid activated by electrical demand... headlights, radiator fan etc. The factory hood sticker includes both solenoids.
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    You would also need bend the U-cradle lower perch down as far as possible on the framerail and elongate or drill new upper mounting holes just below the existing ones on the top of the radiator to get it to sit as low as possible. Slightly longer upper bolts are required as you will need spacers...
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    Unfortunately that's not the right pipe, but you might get lucky searching all other models on MZ to find a pipe with the correct hose nipple layout that corresponds to our coolant tubes. Consider that yours might not be as bad as you think, Take the wire wheel to it to determine if it is...
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    Yet Another Game of ...Guess what's in the box?

    These factory shifter shaft seals and accordian bushings help keep the oil from leaking, These springs help center the shifter and reduce slop in the gear tree. Factory roll pins are perfect for rebuilding the transmission linkages, the factory used 2 nestling pins in one placement.
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    Yet Another Game of ...Guess what's in the box?

    Engine compartment mud flap, I would love one of those! I had forgotten exactly how much felt was acually on the door gaskets! The °90 bend on on the door channel liner was always kind of mysterious to me. It seems funny to see here it is one piece, they just notch out the side. I thought...
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    I stopped by my storage today to snap some pics for you. It looks like the PO adapted some common adjustable coils on the KYB front struts. I could only get limited access to snap a pic, but it looks like a simple setup with a screw type adjustable base with 2 locknuts fitted on the OE...
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    If it were me I'd change the tranny fluid asap, around 3qts of Mobil 1 5w/30, it's an easy drain and refill, careful though easy to overfill. You changed the thermostat, I assume? Belt tight? If so then radiator is probably plugged, check upper and lower hose by hand for temp difference to...
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    The coolant temp mod involves adding resistance, or a potentiometer to the circuit, tricking the ECU into thinking the engine coolant temp is colder than it actually is, thereby increasing the fuel injector duty cycle to ultimately add more fueling. There are multiple coolant sensors on our...
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    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    Negative, at WOT, closed loop, everything is out the window, ECU turns on injectors full blast. Yes, a muffler will help and you will more likely experience fuel cut when it is colder or the ambient air is more dense. The CSI mod is overkill, it will just run pig rich when activated. The VAF...
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    What did you do to your Swift today

    I put on the last coat of a special high temp brushable coating on my exhaust components and turbo assembly. I did this on my current project featured in another post on this site to make room for yet another project. Doing a head gasket resulted in much additional work as since the many parts...
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    This Just In! Turbo Trio

    Been working on this a while, a deal I couldn't refuse. I've had better transport drivers, this one left me hanging multiple times in the last few days, very frustrating, very unprofessional. But gotta learn to roll with the punches. I said I'd never buy another, but now is the 2nd time I...