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    MKI Turbo Firefly

    12 separate panels going in.
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    MKI Turbo Firefly

    The new chassis will be here next weekend
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    93 Swift Chevy Turbo

    MKI 1987/88 Hemi head 70 horse/107lb.ft. torque MKII 1989/90/91 injection head 70 horse/89lb.ft. torque - same year GT1.3 twin cam made 100 horse and 83lb.ft. torque
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    Forum Software Change!

    Thank you for not restoring the awful photo of Casper.
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    MKI Turbo Firefly

    I bought an a/c system from a chap in Utah Dale Monson out of a Turbo Sprint and this week I spent probably fourty hours restoring the condenser and fan assembly. An unbelievable amount of stone, plant and bug residue washed out before I did my best to restore the cooling fins. I did the same...
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    Geo Pickup boat

    Someone did some creative woodwork. Listed sold in Florida Facebook Marketplace. @blueturbofly
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    twin cam bearing colour chart

    Can anyone provide a colour/size chart for main/rod bearings for the G13B?
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    93 Swift Chevy Turbo

    Walt, they are a ton of fun to build and drive
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    MKII G10T fine idle control

    I tried to attach the supplement here but the file is too large. We keep the supplements available in the files section here: or I can email it to you. The off tooth was repaired before my last post. Base timing was set to factory specs. There are no...
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    Seeking Bumhead Dave

    Looking for a former TeamSwift member by the handle of Bumhead Dave. He lived in London Ontario Canada
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    MKII G10T fine idle control

    I have two G10T swaps that will not compensate for engine loads such as in gear(automatic), electrical loads or A/C loads. The Team Swift archive seems to be useless. I was told there was a man in London Ontario that went by the handle Bumhead Dave on Team Swift that had experience with this. My...
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    Wanted: Working IHI RHB32 turbocharger

    Hopefully not an oil burner. I will pay shipping.
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    Wanted MKI turbo Firefly

    I forgot I had this here. 1987 Pontiac Turbo Firefly achieved.
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    MKI Turbo Firefly

    Front brakes have new rotors, pads, calipers and all new hardware. I think it was all original. Spent time detailing and scrubbing the interior.
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    Breezy and I made a mess, but Casper and I went back and cleaned it up. Dish soap makes a good floor degreaser! Many thanks to my bride for the dish soap, and to my friend (I use that word sparingly) Kevin Puhl who graciously offered the us space and the time to store and work on Breezy over the...
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    Hello everyone!

    Graphics like those were a dealer installed item. These are Suzuki wheels
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    MKI Turbo Firefly

    This is my new build thread for my recently acquired 1987 Z02, LS3, Z49 equipped MKI Turbo Firefly. Available in Canada (and a small number exported to Puerto Rico) during the 1987 and 1988 model years, it's colour choices were limited to red and white. This red version came from the Edmonton...
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    Turbo G10T short block for sale

    MKII turbo short block, includes factory crank bearings, caps and bolts, rods, caps, factory turbo pistons and three year old rings. Was part of a running engine less than a year ago. $350usd you pay shipping
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    MKI G10T ISC and EGR VSV

    Seeking a good working MKI G10T vacuum switching valve set found screwed onto the side of the intake plenum.