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  1. Walt

    What did you do to your Swift today

    Awesome that you can fix that conversion in 2 days 💪💪💪
  2. Walt

    What did you do to your Swift today

    Glad that your son is ok (y) You might have a little work to fix the car :oops:
  3. Walt

    Forum Software Change!

    Nice Ivan :cool:
  4. Walt

    twin cam bearing colour chart

  5. Walt

    '87 Suzuki Swift commercial

    My latest purchase. A 1987 Suzuki Swift commercial. I have known this car for years. In our old skool Suzuki scene here in the Netherlands. I was looking for a Suzuki Carry or a Samurai. To use for me as a company car. Then one day I stopt at my mates house. And saw this on the back of his car...
  6. Walt

    Weird question. TPS - MAF

  7. Walt

    1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo Rally project

    :-) That is a big task. Working in the airforce as a hydraulics Maintainer. So far overseas at your age ;-) Ceep up your spirit. You are looking for this.
  8. Walt

    Clutch adjustment

    Here is a pdf of the clutch from the service manual. Hope you can read/ open this ;-)
  9. Walt

    History of my old Swift's

    I got a red 1989 GTi in 2003 Which I traded with a mate for a Katana 600. I really enjoyed that car. From day one it had a funny tjingeling sound. Never bothered me until once I was driving on the highway. And smelled burning oil :oops: Thought it was some one I passed. But after a few...
  10. Walt

    1990 Mk2 GTi from Walt

    Thought I share my 1990 Mk2 GTI rebuild. I got the car in 2009. It is my third GTi, after a red 1989 Mk2 GTi. Which I got from my mate. Really enjoyed that car. But I was not so into cars at that time. I gave it away after it broke down again :shock: Several other cars later some body asked...
  11. Walt

    Hi from the Netherlands

    So I found this site following the r.i.p. of teamswift. I have a 1990 Suzuki Swift GTi. Wich I owend since 2009. Rebuild the crispy bottom. She is not a show car. But she get's me smiling every time I drive her.