Lower Side Cladding clip.....HELP


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Looking for a plastic body clip to position the lower side cladding.
Tried to remove the sidepod and snapped the 30 yr old clip.
Pt# 77213-60B00-000 seems to be no longer available.
Any ideas?
Ive checked Megazip andEbay .....
I am willing to improvise.....
That’s going to be a tough part to find, T3Ragtop said to just use a screw….

Our friend bbowens who comes here and at the GeoMetroForum.com might be able to get them. He has a line of Suzuki OEM parts for pre 94 cars. I hope this helps.
Hi All,

Can vouch for bbowens! Great guy.

Does anyone have a photo of the part or maybe dimensions? (I'm too scared now to take my cladding off to look!)

Just wondering if other Suzuki models have the same style clip but are given a different part number?


I must have bought the last new ones last year for Casper. That has happened to me several times now at Megazip. I'll buy something and then I look again and it's sold out. I managed to get a full set of protectors in white at the same time. Now also sold out. When you see it buy it!
If you are talking about the front lower tab fastener for forward most portion of the molding that is positioned through the rear portion of the front fender you can easily improvise a off the shelf fastner to work. Napa had one that worked for me where I put it through the hole from the inside and it stayed in place and there is a flat square end on it. This just slides into the pocket in the molding. Pretty sure it was a Dorman fastener. You do also want to use double sided 3M tape for the edge of the molding.

Dorman calls them body retainers:
something like
but I had to measure the hole and compare, and measure the slot diameter and compare. The one above would have to go from the outside in. I cannot remember if secured the other side or went from the opposite direction, or it just fit the hole. A little experimentation and you should be able to come up with something that will work. 3D printer.
Hi All,

I believe I may have solved this issue. I have found a US-based supplier (located in Saline MI if any of you folks are nearby!) that appears to have these clips in stock as brand new non-genuine parts. I've checked with a ruler on mine as best I can and all their listed dimensions do appear to be spot on!

Please see photos below of one of my (already broken) lower trim clips that I removed from my 'spares' car this morning:



And here is a photo of what I believe may be a direct replacement plus dimensions:

Suzuki 09409-08320 Trim Board Retainer 20.5mm Total Length, Auveco #19257


And finally, please find a link here to their website and the part plus pricing: https://www.fastener.zone/collections/suzuki-fasteners-and-clips/products/auveco-19257-3535-suzuki-09409-08320

(It looks as though they've got pretty much every other fastener for our cars as well... :-o )