pontiac truck

installed 14'' aluminum wheels and Hakkapeliitta LRR tires. cleaned the interior, glass, and lights. checked all the lights. not much going on-its getting hot out (+35 or more) so hiding in the cooler shop is always nice.
It has been about the same temperature here and I did the stereo install under the shade of a tree to make it much cooler install. Are those tires winter tires?
yup, winter tires. paid $20 each for them- will run them out.

finding 12, 13 &14 inch tires is getting to be a challenge- unless i buy new, which is a rip off. worked in the tire industry 20 years, the markup on tires is over the top !!!
example- had a tire warehouse call the shop. buyer backed out of a purchase- a 20 foot c-can full of new tires, one size- $35 each.

we re-sold them for $74.99 INSTALLED-
another shop in town, selling exact same tire, from the same warehouse-$115, + mount n balance....

i felt sick when just recently i paid over $600, for 13'' winter tires- ugh
had a small coolant hose under the intake develop a pinhole leak yesterday , on my way to work- drove back home, grabbed the kids toyota and went to work.
wifey fixed the coolant hose while i was at work. new hose and non-marring fuel injection hose clamps.
try again today- its been hot, and any little weak spot will fail !!
car has had a clunk in the suspension, since all the work done- put it over the pit at work yesterday, found the culprit- the new sway bar bushings are loose!!! clunk clunk clunk the bar moves inside the bushing-
pretty sure i ordered the correct size. but the brand i have never used before- prothane brand poly bushings-

will look for energy suspension stuff. car sure sticks to the road.