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By fireflyse
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suzukitom wrote: Sun Sep 04, 2022 7:20 pm

My 91 stock Sprint Turbo idle sags a bit when the rad fan kicks in or whenever I switch on any load.

Since it has an idle speed adjustment screw, I used that to set the warm base idle at 900 rpm
and just live with the sag to 750 rpm when every electrical load is switched on.

My car still idles smoothly at 750 rpm and I have no AC so it doesnt bother me to live with variable idle. If I want to lower the idle in heavy traffic.. I just switch on the blower fan lol.

Ok, two swaps and one OE that doesn’t work, can anyone else share their experiences?
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By fireflyse
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Another drivability issue is cold idle speed. Casper will rev to 2500 rpm on the cold idle valve. If it’s really cold the engine will take so long to warm up the ECM times out and starts a fuel cut cycle. Breezy is not so extreme and will start at 2000 rpm. Carl barely hits 1500 rpm. Are the idle valves adjustable or serviceable?

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