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By jamalspelling
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I bought this new in '87.
Multiple rebuilds and mods, many of which were documented on TS.
Damn shame the site went down along with the documented history of
this beast.

Long story short, parking enforcement chalked my tires and towed
several vehicles this month in my area, so I had to put 'er indoors
and give 'er some love.

Mind you, she's got 800k miles on the clock. Tranny never been opened.
Couple engine rebuilds and a couple turbos. After the last rebuild,
the head dropped a valve in the piston and took out the motor.
I put in a rebuilt block with Vitara pistons and a used head for lack of
time. Months later I pulled the valve out of the turbo compressor
after a no-boost scenario one day. Turbo's chirping as the compressor
is likely tweaked and hitting the housing, but... still working.

Fast forward to now, I had the fuel pump replaced last year to avoid being
towed off my street as an abandoned vehicle, and drove it for 4 days before
the head gasket blew so bad it took 4 gals of coolant to make it 6 miles home
and it sat till now.

Heads off, and done. Working on degreasing the engine bay and getting
the entire thing somewhat clean. A few months on the shady side of the
street produced plenty of mold on the interior due to a wet winter.
Debating on a tranny rebuild as well as a few other needed things
or put er back together as the garage space is seriously needed.

As she stands now...
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By blueturbofly
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its always a good feeling bringing an old friend back to life....thats my mission this year....i have a whiteboard full of projects, all of them suzuki except for two....
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By jamalspelling
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Months of Covid shutdown and still no time or motivation.
National holiday today provided a little relief, and another setback.
Last year I discovered after having the head rebuild,
that the engine cylinder walls were badly pitted due to sitting too
long with coolant in the cylinders.
I had what I thought was a good rebuild block I pulled from storage
and have been looking at it on the bench for the better part of the
last year. Knowing better than to just assume it was proper,
I finally took some time today to pull the oil pan off and check
the PO’s work and found this.
I had purchased the car and block having been told that the motor was rebuilt
and new pistons I had sold them years ago had been installed. The car is still in storage,
I was going to use the block to replace the one in this project.
Half ass attempt at rebuilding, the first rod cap I pulled off revealed a nicked crankshaft
which ruined the bearing, and worn OE pistons. The oil pickup mounting bolts
were not even tight, only a few threads in.
I ’m so glad I checked before assuming the block was good to go, there
were a few indications that the guy totally fucked it up, which he did.
A trip to the machine shop on Monday to start the process.
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By suzukitom
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I always assume that used engines are just rebuildable cores unless they came out of a recently licensed and driven wreck.
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By jamalspelling
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Lucky enough today to drop the shortblock off at the machine shop.
This build will have 75mm teflon coated Vitara Pistons, Rods will be shot peened
and resized, all internals will be checked thoroughly, polished crank - reground
if needed, and the whole assembly will be balanced with lightened crank pulley
and Aasco aluminum flywheel.
Haven’t figured out the turbo setup yet, but I will be pulling some stuff out
of the archives.
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