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By thatsmychin
Back on the old site (teamswift.net) there were a couple of guys in Portland Oregon that I always meant to connect with once I got my MK1 up and running. Now that I’m finally limping this joker to life, I’m hoping to find these guys again. I may be totally off base posting this here, let me know if this should be somewhere else.

My MK1 has sat for 15 years when I lost my car buddy. I used to identify as a car guy, I found out that I was a car guy because it was a social thing. Not so much a car guy when it was just me and a car. Maybe you Portlanders are reading, maybe others know who I’m remembering and can help make a connection. I’m in desperate need of motivation! I finally installed Mike’s cam after 15 years of it sitting on the shelf, my MK1 is a limpy rocket that needs my attention and probably a second set of eyes.
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By ehits
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Well, I’m in Washington, up near Tacoma. I know that’s not super close…I believe there may be a few people there from a group on Facebook called NW Odd 1s out. There is also a guy in Vancouver, WA with a turbo sprint. He is on another Facebook grout for geo metro/sprint enthusiasts.
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By Murf
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There used to be a pretty active group up in the N OR and S WA areas. Have not seen much happening up there is Old Man died a few years ago. Stay away from GeoJeff and his crap. Snake oil salesman.
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