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By PierreD83
Let me start by saying i do not have the time for shipping costs or delivering, this car is a pick up only situation, and this is a long shot.

I’ts a 1994 Suzuki Swift GTI, it has some rust on the rockers (rockers need to be redone completely) and needs some work. It was meant to be a project, but time has been against me.

The engine is out of the engine bay but the whole engine is there, plus A LOT of spare parts. I have extra headlights, tail lights, seats, doors, spoilers (yes I have 2 extra spoilers) it is on 16 inch 5 spoke wheels, power windows, a sun roof. spare fuel rail, injectors. and too much to list.

The car would need to be carried on a flat bed, and the hood is not on the car and requires some work to be able to put back on (bolts snapped when removing it) driver side fender is rusted through on the bottom and removed but still have it.

Again this is a long shot but I need it gone ASAP, I need the space in my garage and don’t have time for this project anymore. This car may never be on the road again but it can certainly help with keeping someone else’s on it. I am looking for a speedy removal by October 5, 2020.

Give me a price, and I will part ways with it to someone who will want it for parts. otherwise it will be towed to the highest bidding wreckers.

car is in Kitchener Ontario, Doon area. looking to get $750 for everything .
I know photos help but if you message me I will give you a photo at that moment of the condition of the car as it is.

shoot me an email at [email protected]

Thank you

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