Fix up your Jalopy!
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By fireflyse
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The head is a new 3Tech with all the best fixings - port and polish, decked, valve guides, seals and valves, intake port gasket match, Aveo 1.6l valve springs with up to 10% more seat pressure, rebuilt lifters, 222duration .365 lift cam, 6 degree advance cam gear and a new camshaft seal. I put a new seal on the distributor too.
The short block assembly is in used condition and came from a running engine. It had no leaks when removed and the cylinders are clean, walls have no visible scoring.
The exhaust manifold, turbo and down pipe are all factory. The turbo is fully overhauled and tested and unused like the head. Coolant hoses, oil feed pipe, connections and oil return pipe for the turbo included. Intake piping, air meter and intercooler included
Intake and fuel system are stock - factory harness, fuel pump, ecu and IP cluster included.
Ignition system including distributor and igniter.
Turbo flywheel, clutch and disc included. Turbo 4.10 to 1 transaxle with heavy duty differential and intercooler bracket, left and right axles.
The engine comes loosely assembled. You pay shipping.
Asking $2500.00 USD
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