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By Walt
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:laugh: Thank you.

The piston modifications are not really rocket science ;-)

For the small end side of the conrod ( the GTi is wider than a Honda).
I filed out the piston (to both sides) sorry no picture.
I cut some grooves ( both sides ) in the piston for some snapclips.

And cut the piston pen on the rigth length.

On top i cut about 1,6mm off in a lathe.
For if ( I did my calculations right ) a CR of 11.1-1
Using a MLS SGP headgasket.
( the one on the right :P )

I checked the pistonhead / valve clearance with some solder wire

Using solid lifters and some high lift Tech3 cams

I did cheked all the weights

Thats it :-o
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By Walt
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So I did some power runs.
With differant engine specs.

Base run with my new home build engine.
Spces are:
75mm Honda D16 piston CR 11:1
Cleaned up the head (ported)
K&N airfilter in stock airbox
2″exhaust pipe with stock collector.
Stock cams and ECU.


:crying: I was a litle disapointed.
I could point out that:
My Dyno operater was running in his new software :P

Anyway I went home.
Fitted a pair of Tech3 222/365 regrinds :-D
Run them afor 20 minintes.
It was really raw at idle.
Dailed them in that was quit a job :-o

The idle realy cleaned up after this.
Did some new runs.
With the new cams, with a 50mm throtle body and a chipped ECU.

:-D really liked the cams :-D :-D :-D

Went back home.
Mounted a FPR, MK1 fuel rail, a Nissan 60mm Throtle body and a (turned out on a lathe) 49mm AFM
What a differance in throtle respons :-o

Did the dyno runs again.
Also with the chipped ECU

The chipped ECU is lean below 3000 rpm.
Thats where i drive around in normal traffic.
So the stock ECU went in.
And I ceep the chipped one for a trackday.
:-/ if I will do that with my GTi :laugh:

I would like to say very big thanks to Mike @suprf1y for those really nice cams.
Thank you Mike ;-)
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