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By Jmanuel
Hello everyone. I am happy finding this Forum to get info and help who need it!

I am building since years my Swift GTI. I've been rebuilding it for years, all the pieces are new and this takes a long time.
My decision about engine is to build a G16 twin cam, but i got dudes about somethings, maybe someone can help me.

First time i know we cant use Stock G16b piston because compression ratio with GTI Head would be 8.5:1 around. All people spoke about Honda D16 Piston but my dude is: WHICH! There are d16a6, d16z6, d16y8 and so many posibilities.
Second: I would like to use Forged rods. I got specs about D16 and G16 rods (if it is true) from a dealer, and could be compatible, but someone try it?

I hope that together we can create a post with a lot of correct information so that it can be used by anyone who wants to build an engine of this type.

Thanks a lot!
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