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I’m looking at purchasing some wheels to put on some all seasons that are also useable in snow. Several days on my commute I’m hitting some serious standing water with some serious hydroplaning to go with. I don’t want to dismount my extreme Summer tires and therefore needs a set of winter only wheels.

The wheels have to be:
15″ × 6.5″ 4 × 114.3 with a center bore of 73.1 mm. The offset can be either a plus 38 or 40 mm.

I’m looking at the wheels below (they are all around 15 lbs). My other wheels are 10 lbs a piece so I don’t want anything heaver than these below. The also have to clear my Wilwood brake calipers in the front.

Image Drag dr-31

Image Maxxim Ferrious

Image Maxxim

Any favorites above or any other recommendations?
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By macuserman
@GT4LIFE I think we need a picture of your car a nice side shot as it is currently to help with this kind of question. :laughing: Color of the car etc all contribute to how awesome the wheels make it look. :)
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