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By 92GT
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Instant_shine wrote:

Do you think the GTi ECU could give an error code 34 - MAF sensor, if the TPS is not calibrated?

No, MAF cpde will not trigger if TPS is out of calibration.
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By Instant_shine
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Thanks to all. Will keep looking into it.

Was working on one of my GTi and it doesn’t want to start.
Code was 34. That’s maf sensor. So I changed the maf sensor for the one I’m using on the turboed gti, and I know it works because that car starts up everytime and everything is fine. Still got the code 34. It was getting late so stopped messing with the car. I put a cloth inside the maf sensor to prevent animals from getting in.
Today I tried again. I made sure the fuel pump is working. I have an inline external Walbro fuel pump. And tried to start again. Now it gave code 33, which is also maf sensor. But I forgot to remove the cloth from the mas sensor.
I also tested the “bad” maf on my turboed gti and it works fine. No error code nothing. So it could be a problem in the engine harness itself.
Meanwhile I double checked the cam timing, and to me, the intake cam was 1 tooth off. So I was busy today correcting that and didn’t try starting the car anymore. It was getting late and I’ll continue tomorrow.

Also changed coolant temp sensor for a brand new one.
Bought new spark plugs today (NGK).
Injectors were cleaned a few months ago and flow tested.

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