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Sun Auto Hot Inazma Hyper Voltage Stabilizer Kit (blue edition) - 1x cable: 41 inches
Sun Auto Hot Earth Hyper Ground Wires Cable Kit - 4x cables: 48 inches, 32 inches, 25 inches, 20 inches. = 5 total.

Hello all, :-D
I just allocated the above items through my supplier, genuine. They are out of Kanagawa, JPN. However, my mobile phone isn’t able to translate the Japanese instructions very well.
If anyone has experience with installing a voltage stabilizer kit on the G13B platform that would be amazing - I would love to hear what you chose to ground.

mk2 89 Suzuki Swift GTi

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GTiKazumi wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2022 7:01 am

From the negative terminal extender - should I have grounding wires spread out from there to the fenders, cylinder head, intake manifold, starter?


Sounds o.k to me.

From memory, grounds are located on both fenders, intake manifold, under the battery tray plus there is another next to the windscreen wiper motor. Also a couple inside the cabin under the dash by the footwells and one on the rear hatch.

May I ask what the purpose of the voltage stabiliser is?


Thanks, I see those grounds. Great to know I am heading in the right direction. Appreciate it, Drew.
The purpose of the voltage stabilizer and grounds is to preserve and beef up the wiring harness that is in the vehicle - the previous owner did a lot of work in the wiring department so this is to ensure that I am not seeing over-volting, etc and only running at the peak voltage that it should ever see. The other part of the equation is I am introducing more robust and authentic grounding solutions - thicker gauge wire, better metals for connections/wire that these old vehicles lack greatly. This will increase the brightness of the headlights, better sounding car stereo, more efficient power delivery so that electronics fire in a more smooth graph form than a very peaky and chaotic graph - less impedence and electronic noises, etc. There is a great improvement in the timing for sparking firing, etc . The key takeaway is that this is NOT a performance modification per’se, but it should be taken more as a strengthening of the electrical system by introducing more robust and authentic grounding solutions which in-turn give the entire electrical system a boost in efficiency and operating thresholds.

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