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By Dziku
I.ve run at some info, that people are using honda d16 crank in g16b.
My question is, will d17 crank fie g16 block(assuming normal in honda case machining main journals)?
Idea is, to use g16b block, d17crank, d16 rods, d16 girdle, mazda e 77 or 77.5mm pistons, and g13b head, possibly with bigger inlet valves. Blok need to be machined down to achieve suitable cr, but my main concern is that rod big ends or counterweights may not clear the block.
According to this topic:
https://tsarchive.suzukiswiftrepository ... 27523.html
Stock liners should live even with 77.5mm pistons, so you can get 1781ccm, should do, for 150hp and possibly 170-180nm with nice thump with some reliablity for daily driver.
can anyone can tell me if it possible? I know, lot of machining, but that part i can handle, same with custom inlet/exhaust and electronics.
I would make two of these, one for justy for my wife(it was her first car, i plan to find another one), second for carry/rascal van, but in this there maybe problem with dohc head, so maybe i go with sohc one…
Sorry for bad english, and thanks for any help
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By Instant_shine
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The bigger block that gave the most power and was succesful was the G15 gti conversion.

But the G15 block is extremely hard to find and I don’t think they were ever sold in the states.
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By Dziku
Was g15 block same as g16? I belive here in europe both are fairy popular in baleno and vitara…

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