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Last night I dropped the fuel tank to install my Walbro 255lph GSS342 with 400-766Kit. This was a question asked along time ago about the importance of the kit. Yes the kit is necessary for the install. The things that are necessary:
the electrical connector (cheaply made, but you need it; you will have to solder on ring connectors to the end since that is how the stock setup is for both power and ground).
the end bumper piece; without this the stock bottom mount plate will not firmly hold it in place.
the fuel pump up take filter sleeve; the stock one might fit on but it probably will be at a weird angle.
a spacer/ sound deaden-er sleeve that goes around the pump (this kit didn’t come with it). This is a necessary part. Walbro has several different sleeves; I ordered up 122-3074. I’ll change this post and let everyone know if it fits. This is necessary because the Walbro pump is a lot smaller than the stock pump. The stock pump has a small rubber ish wrap that goes around the pump to isolated it from the metal lock down strap. The pump ground actually goes to the fastener that hold the metal lock down strap together.
The fuel line and the clamps are not used since the fuel pump 14 mm outlet nipple is the same diameter as the stock nipple. You reuse the weird holder spacer, o-ring, and top hat. I had to fish them out of the outlet pipe (they pretty much will fall right out) and put them on the new pump then shove it up the outlet as a combined unit. It fits. Then you simply rotate the pump so it is evenly spaced inside the metal lock down strap. However, without the spacer/ sound deaden-er sleeve it will float in there with only the end bracket holding it on.

It the sleeve I bought does fill the void then I will have to improvise with some additional metal spacer that will take up the slack, (probably a 2″ piece of stainless pipe tack on will work as long as there is a barrier between it and the pump).
I am going to look at re-using the stock wires inside the connector with new connectors since the stock wiring is a lot better quality.

Here is the completely specs from TI Automotive that I believe now owns Walbro (they say new name same obsession):

Fuel: GAS
Horsepower: 500
Flow @ 276 kPa: 255 lph
Flow @ 40 psi: 67 gph
Max System Pressure (psi): 112
Max System Pressure (kPa): 772
Filter Group: B
Inlet Diameter: 14mm
Inlet Configuration: 0 degree outlet fitting to inlet orientation

(the only difference of GSS341G3 is that the pump fuel inlet hole is 180 degree on the other side; I’ll check today to see if it makes a difference).

I’ll post up some pictures of the install tomorrow.
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I would not recommend getting the GSS341G3 as the strainer filter will be facing the wrong way, and even worse it probably will not sit in the tank at the right angle. I did not try the stock filter, but it will be at the wrong angle also.

The spacer/sound deaden-er sleeve worked really well. You still use the stock sleeve to get the fit tight. Amazon had the cheapest price. Watch out for a few companies that are selling rubber sleeves. They say,“ Thick rubber (⅜″), not foam like some other products." You do not want to use rubber in the fuel tank.


I forgot to get a picture of the inside o ring and cap, but you can see the weird spacer thing.

Without the end piece the bracket would be useless.

I know someone had already replaced the fuel pump because they had used worm clamps on some of the hose fittings. I switched it back to spring clamps which are way better. Someone had also thrown away the stock fuel filter hold down bracket. I think I have one on my parts car.
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