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By #84
I found a recommendation for this forum in a thread from 2006 (!?) in a Swedish trackday-car-forum and from the discussions you have, it seems to be the right place to sort out questions regarding ECU/chip v.s. various engine builds.

I am helping a friend who is fitting a G13B engine (BBBBC block) into an Austin Mini -75. The engine has unknown history and needs a full overhaul. Nothing is broken, but the cylinders needs a hone. So, from just a restoration, we are now at the point where wilder cams are "approved" and a set of JE 11.5:1 pistons will be fitted if we can sort out the mapping. The engine bay is microscopic on this car, so we probably stick to stock exhaust manifold. Moreover, the car will be used as a fun street car, passing emission tests, which limits how crazy we can be.

Now the issue is that we don't find anyone providing tuning chips or knowing theses ECU's here in Sweden. The best option is the moderately priced chip from theses guys: http://www.turbonoz.co.uk/suzuki-chips/TNTCHP00109.html

However, it seems to be optimized for the standard 10:1 pistons.

So, to the questions:
- CAT Cams have a great selection of cams. Comments? Recommendations?
- Any other cams, you can recommend?
- Can you recommend/provide a suitable chip tune for 11.5:1 CR pistons and a slightly upgraded cam?
- Or, is an aftermarket piggyback, or standalone ECU the way to go (prefer not to, due to budget)
- Alternatively, do you know if/where the ECU addresses are available? (I can write EEPROM's)
- How high should we dare to rev the engine? 9000 rpm?
- Have we missed any obvious components to pay attention to for easy gains in performance?
- Or for reliability?

From what I understand the crankshaft and the connecting rods can stand 9000 rpm, the injectors have capacity for 150+ hp, the clutch will handle this modification.
my '89 gti has a ''sandros'' chip, i modified the ecm with a ribbon cable and remote zif socket, attached to le lower edge of the dash, for quik and easy chip changes.
also a pair of cams from suprf1y, ( 3tech) his most aggressive grind cams for the gti.
the chip allows me to rev to 8,600 rpm. this chip wont set a ''check engine light''

there are other chips out there, plus programs to build your own custom chip.
maybe in the ''teamswift'' archives there is more info.
https://web.archive.org/web/20170625202 ... swift.net/

Sandro was a teamswift member but he may be difficult to contact at this point and he was always a little difficult to deal with. There is another member who was working with chips but I can't recall his username, though he is on this forum.

It's me that does the cams. I am semi-retired but still do a few batches a year so feel free to contact me
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By #84
Thanks all of you for quick and informative replies!

I failed this time to retrieve anything useful from the "wayback machine" function handling old posts. Maybe I am luckier another day.

I check with suprf1y and Teeth first and see what comes out of that.
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By Teeth
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Also, just checked the link and unless you have an F5 ecu, you will get a CEL and their power and torque claims are absurd.

I'm not really out to make $$ and I also notice that you have your own burner. I'd send you a more or less suitable tune if you like, or the other option that is superior (IMO) to piggy back or standalone is to use a Moates Ostrich chip emulator, which will give you full control of the OEM fuel and timing maps. Not as cheap as a chip, but much cheaper, and easier than standalone. I helped a customer get started with the Ostrich tuning his race engine. He went to standalone to try to make more power in the high rpms (where there is a known limitation of the OEM ecu) but was not able to make any vs. tuning with the Ostrich. No need to go standalone unless you want to do ITBs and ditch the MAF.

Cheers :D
CEL = Check Engine Light
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By #84
I got the ECU recently and am even more confused. It is a Hitachi unit, but I don't find any designation that reminds of the ones mentioned for the different generations. Can anyone tell me which generation/type this is?
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