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By Floggolf
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Somewhere along the way I downloaded a magazine article describing how Whiteline sets up the Swift Mk2-3 suspension. ‘Real Handling for your Suzi Swift’

They gave settings:
Front: Toe zero, camber -1.75 and caster +4 deg

Rear: toe +2mm out both sides, camber -1.5 deg

Then mentioned needing Whiteline kit 2380 to adjust the rear camber. Internet found no info on what that kit contained. Anyone know?
Could a Cam bolt be used at the bottom of the rear knuckle where it bolts to the control arm? (Same type of bolt used on front struts)

Or offset bushings (for camber not caster?)

The 12 indicates 12mm bolts, which is correct for the front struts.

The ID of the rear bushing sleeve is 10mm. Do they make cam bolts that small? Would I want just (1) that small holding my rear hub to the control arm?

The front strut has (2) and for the street, (1) of them is supposed to be full shank dia.
Post from TeamSwift for Poly related topic:

https://web.archive.org/web/20140702032 ... =10&t=1230

I didn’t go back and read through, but there might be information in there. I did read through this post that seemed to be the best information for this topic on Redlinegti.com
The suggestion was to file out the hole towards the tire (elongating them towards tire), use washers and then tack weld washer after setting the rear camber where you want it.

https://www.redlinegti.com/forum/viewto ... =7&t=39953

I also read through the article again on Real Handling. I don’t personally think it is worth it for the rear. I guess it depends on what you are using your car for. I’m intending on using this for my daily driver. I got the caster adjuster on the front of my vehicle which I still need to get the front camber adjuster KCA412 to finish off the front. Even then it is hard to find an alignment shop willing to adjust the front camber to 1.75 degrees negative.
Hi All,

I thought I’d add to this old thread as I had first hand experience with that article and copied what they were suggesting for my car over 10 years ago.

The part number for the 1.5 degree rear camber setting was complete BS. I upgraded my car in 2011 and that part they were suggesting simply didn’t exist- even back then! I have no idea why they were suggesting it and nor did my (Whiteline Dealer!) suspension installer who even checked for a record of redundant or superseded parts and nothing came up at all.

HOWEVER, upon checking my car on the alignment machine we noted that it actually showed 1 degree negative camber on the rear already so we simply didn’t bother pushing it any further. 2mm toe out on each side I was warned against for street driving so made it 1mm out each side instead (2mm total).

I’m sure I’ve got the print out of final settings in my filing cabinet and will dig it out, scan it and update the thread whenever I do.

Hope that helps someone in some way!


Murf wrote:

Has anyone made a list of what parts from Whiteline we can still get for our cars? I know they have stopped selling a lot of it, but some of it can still be had.

Hi Mate,

Screenshot below taken today of what’s available for SF series Swift:

And link to the Whiteline website page here: https://www.whiteline.com.au/do_segue4. ... SWIFT%20SF


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