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By fireflyse
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top [email protected] wrote: Tue May 29, 2018 6:03 pm I bought one as a parts car for my 88 Sprint but found few parts were easily interchangeable. Even the mount holes in the fenders around the headlights were different. Square instead of round holes and things like that. Of course the gauges and switches were totally different. I ended up not using any of it but for $50 for the whole car, who cares.

I would have sworn that it was an '85 but you say they weren't around in '85 so it must have been an '86. The hood release was a black plastic rectangle in the front of the hood visible in the first picture.
That hood release was on my '87 Sprint. Wiki Says it was marketed in Canada in '86 as the Forsa and Firefly:
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By fireflyse
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Well someone on Facebook has shared photos of their 1985 Firefly from BC so my Firefly world has been rocked again. Neat to learn new things about these great little machines.
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