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By top [email protected]
Well it's official. I no longer own any verts. I sold them to a guy I work with so he can build 2 from the 3 for his daughters when they turn 16.

It's a bit of a sad day for me but I will be getting another one in the future. I need to downsize for now until I move to a new place. Then the madness can start again. I plan to get as good of a car as I can find to avoid bodywork. I've seen some very nice examples advertised and that is what I will wait for on my next vert.

At least I'll have my 93 GT to keep me happy until then.
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By blueturbofly
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geez, you get rid of your 'verts, and i get another one...
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By Swifterthanu
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What about the other parts stash?
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