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By macuserman
There are several different part numbers and kits floating around for these, been meaning to collect them here, but haven’t had time.

Looks like this guy has been buying kits for other cars and making custom sets that have the correct number of studs and right size washers on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARP-Head-Studs ... Swz4FbHqT-

There may be others but these seem to be commonly accepted as working:
ARP head studs; M50 BMW - 201 4302
ARP rods bolts; Honda 1.2L & 1.6L M8 - 208 6001
ARP flywheel; Suzuki M16A - 171 2801

I have not used these and am not endorsing, I’m just saving info for general information here.
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