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For those wondering: "Spanish Inquisition Racing" is a Monty Python reference. Nobody expects Swifts to be fast, but they are, or can be.

Want to make yours faster? I have been offering a chip burning service to the Cultus/Swift community for the past few years.

When I made enough bolt-on upgrades to my own car and began thinking about tuning, I found that while chipping the OEM ECU was a common modification, there was lots of misinformation floating around about how chips work, which ones would work with which ECUs, and which chips (if you could find one) work best with which setups. I am happy to share what I have learned so far by burning custom eproms--or just helping out with files and advice for those who want to burn their own or tune with an emulator.

Unlike other vendors I do not make a run of chips and then sell them to customers. When I take an order, I begin with the base code for your particular ECU and match the tune to the setup the best that I can. As a result, none of my chips will cause a constant CEL, which is a common problem for chip/ecu mismatches if you find a chip from another source. Further, I am the only chip vendor I am aware of that sells chips that retain closed loop operation using your O2 sensor, if desired (recommended if you are not using a wideband).

I have the base code for all Euro/JDM/US market ecus on file:


I have fuel and timing maps from the following previously available tuner chips in my library:

Toms II*
"Sandro" 210/340*
Suzuki Sport

Plus the tunes I've developed specifically for my own car and many more that I've collected helping other Swift owners all over the world tune their cars

Chips are $50 shipped anywhere in the US and $60 worldwide. If you already know how to build a custom .bin and send it to me, I'll burn and ship that at a $10 discount in support of the DIY crowd.

*If you have a chip or ECU that is not in my library, I may be willing to burn you a copy with changes for free if I don't have a .bin file for your OEM ECU or aftermarket chip.

PM or email me at [email protected] for more information--and be patient, It's just me out here, doing this as a hobby and service to the community.
Thanks for all the work you put into providing quality burns!! :red_car: :lol: BTW. I've been wondering about these "Rospen" chips , is that something you have in your library as well? I ran across them on redline and wondered what they were all about. https://www.redlinegti.com/forum/viewto ... =3&t=54375 I can't remember what, flavor you burned onto my chip, but it's been great. :)
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