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By macuserman
jumpinwired wrote: Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:21 am Wait are these actually glass? I glanced at the description but I didn't see anything specific.
It doesn't say it explicitly, but they sure look and feel like glass to me. @t3ragtop were yours glass? I think he got his from the same place.
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By t3ragtop
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E code headlights are definitely glass lenses. The other thing that is different from the North American Domestic Market composites which makes the e code European headlights much better is that they have a real reflector inside the capsules which along with the real lead glass lenses makes them much more efficient. The NADM composites are adjusted by moving the entire assembly while the e code headlights move the reflector angle within the assembly. That means when you mount the e codes you can adjust them to fit the body lines and then adjust the beam direction without moving the capsule - they fit way better and look way better. ;)

Also, the reflectors stay brighter. You can pull the lamps out of their sockets and use a spray cleaner to clean the reflectors without discoloring plastic lenses. The optics of a plastic lens are usually pretty poor, more of a beam scattering effect, while the sharper facets of the glass lenses actually serve to aim the projected beam which results in a sharper beam and a controlled cut off of the top of the beam.

Now the bad - USDOT doesn't approve glass lenses outside of sealed beam lamps and the e codes from Europe are designed for right hand drive vehicles which makes them want to leave the right berm and ditch side a little less illuminated. You can adjust to correct that pretty well, though.
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