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By blueturbofly
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so i am at two days behind on the invoices…those damn poulan chainsaws really put me behind….then yesterday, a no-name chinese suitcase generator… :sick: had to strip ALL the plastic, handles, power panel, fuel tank just to try and get the carb off….only to go thru a hole in the air cleaner to get the carb nuts off…but you could only get a finger in the hole to remove/ start the nut on the carb bolts, had a magnet under my finger in case i dropped a nut, or the spacer plate, deeper into the intake…. :x
rotten fuel line, decided to give out, gas all over the place….tank was removed, and then drained…old sour gas
all in all, almost 4 hours to get it done….no parts left over, runs good…but damn what a job… :mad:

but on a honda suitcase generators, side panel off, carb bolts are right there, easy peasy, japanesey designed for maintenance…. ;-)
chinese stuff? not so much. 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag :poop:
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By blueturbofly
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so, finally got warranty on one of those hyundai suitcase generators….they sent us a new generator, in place of the old one….a REFURBISHED generator, NOT new…. :disappointed_relieved:
so i prepped it, add oil & gas, hook up battery…it actually starts ! and it only has 118 hours on it !! :-o
thats one company i wont deal with, be it generators, or vehicles :grimacing:

i was on a roll yesterday, did 6 mowers, generator, chainsaw, 4 weed whippers, and a recoil….
it helps that i had nobody bug me, and i dont have to babysit anymore!

the bosses kid had no brakes on his truck….damaged brake line at the rear diff, and brackets….kid was out playing in the mud and must have hit something
apparently, $900 fix, and 2 week wait for the bracket….?
the dealerships always see a sucker come thru the door…
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By blueturbofly
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boss dumped ANOTHER $1900 + into his kids truck…. :-o

apparently, the cat convertor was clogged, setting a check engine / o2 code, along with the rear brake hard line repair….
so, its almost a $10,000 truck….a rusty, high km chevy sonoma…and then he told his kid, if you dont like it at the end of the year, i will buy you something else, and use this sonoma , for work, delivering lawnmowers….. :x

busy busy, the summer equipment is rolling in- mowers, tillers, blowers, weed wackers, chainsaws….i did a OLD mastercraft (canadian tire, for you guys outside of canada ;-) ) 2-stroke lawnmower yesterday….really neat…even had its own oil/gas mix cup built into the air cleaner housing…after a good carb soak n clean, fuel tank flush, new spark plug, and clean air filters (x4 of them !) , a little excitement spray and it sputtered to life, then into a nice high idle that only a two-stroke has… ;-)
let it run for about 10 minutes, to clear out and lube the cylinder…and it was running better and better the longer it ran…one pull restarts easily…
such easy operating yet people have abandoned that stuff, in lieu of new fancy garbage….
it even had LEFT HAND THREAD for the carb bowl bolt….there even was a sticker on the bowl warning you about that… :P
must be at least 40 years old, if not more….
there are still a few of the old 2-stroke off-set wheel lawnboys that come in…one on my bench right now….
if it aint broke, why replace it ? ;-)
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By blueturbofly
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so, a lady brings in lawn mower, tune-up special, check blade, and she bought a new one from somewhere else…

but where she bought the brand new blade from, they sharpened it….??? why? its a new blade, and they butchered it with a bench grinder, and it was way out of balance….
so i removed the blade that was on the mower, a '‘universal fit ’' blade, to install the now proper fit/ properly sharpened and balanced blade…and the blade on the mower was just as bad, terrible sharpen job, out of balance, and center hub was stripped…

so, i mark out the defects on the blade that WAS installed on her mower… i circled the damaged / stripped hub, and also wrote ‘terrible job’' with arrows pointing towards the inferior sharpen job.. large hot spots ( burnt blue steel) and there were still chunks missing out of the blade after it was sharpened ! embarrassing for whoever did it !

i didnt know, that she was going to take the blade back to where it was sharpened, and chew the gut out…but she did :-o
I had no idea which shop did the blade, all i said was that it was a poor job…

then later in the day, our parts guy gets a phone call from the competition (home hardware)….chewing him out for our shop claiming that his work was bad, and that '‘IF IT EVER HAPPENS AGAIN , I WONT SELL YOU ANY MORE PARTS’' :laugh: ( i know the guy, he is an ignorant ass)
hey, take some pride in your work. do it right the first time. i have repaired 6 mowers in the last two weeks, that people paid you / home hardware to fix/ tune up, and they still dont run properly…one lady was billed for parts that were never installed, when she confronted him about it, he said to her '‘ not my problem’'
what kind of circus is he running out there? maybe he tired of 20 + years and should move on…
home hardware sells toro and stihl….we do have other vendors in town to get those parts from…. ;-)
and why support the competition? i told the boss that weeks ago…
this guy is contract to home hardware, makes his own hours and what days he works….when i dealt with him, at my old job, it was really annoying
cuz he was either '‘ not in today’‘ or ’‘on lunch’' from 11 am too 2 pm :-/

'‘if you are going to critique me, you had at least be as good as or better than me’'
his work is garbage. his customers have proven that. obvious i hit a nerve with him.

let the mechanic wars begin! :laugh: :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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oh, and universal mower blades, as well as thatcher blades, ARE THE WORST THING YOU CAN INSTALL ON YOUR MOWER. most likely will damage the engine. seen it many times. like i tell customers-'‘ its a universal blade, might fit , probably wont ’' :laugh:

the shop i work at DOES NOT sell universal blades- only direct fit oem equipment.
a oem blade is only $4 more than the '‘universal’' blade….geez people
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By blueturbofly
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geez ya ever have a day that kicks you in the a$$ :beaten:
only got one item done ….a cable on a roto-tiller….other than that it was crappy plugged carbs and inverter generators (3x) with bad boards $$$$$ and snowblowers waiting for parts and then needing more parts for stuff, that had parts come in, but the parts guy '‘said’' it didnt need the other part that was no good….mondays
felt like i was getting nowhere….
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By blueturbofly
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now the boss wants to get rid of the truck he bought for his kid, (after dumping almost $10,000 into it ) and buy him a $2000 ford ranger :sick:

he says the sonoma is a lemon, that there is too much wrong with it….um, it was a cheap truck to begin with, and you dumped a bunch of money into it. your kids first vehicle SHOULD be a cheap vehicle, reliable enough to drive, but not out of pocket when the kid wrecks it…

work is busy, stuff rolling in and rolling out. the fun stuff is when customers bring in their half taken apart stuff, and get me to fix it and put back together… :x some of it is a guessing game as to what goes where..40 + year old rototiller in pieces, ''but dont spend more than $40 "
some are stupid easy ( carb linkage on backwards)

large jd lawntractor, has dead short in wiring….customer took some of it apart…trace out wiring, hear a noise at the back… farmer had disconnected the seat safety switch, stripped the wires with his knife , twisted them together , and shoved them back under the seat….where they would intermittently rub against the seat rail and pop the master fuse….
so, that was fixed properly, along with the relay sockets/ wiring that he had damaged, trying to '‘diagnose’' himself….
he still got billed 1.5 hours + supplies….
farmer fixes have to be some of the worst…. :oops:
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By blueturbofly
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geez, the boss saw two chainsaws at the auction coming up, he was all hot and bothered to bid on them….he told me he could buy them and then fix them up and sell them " cuz people are always calling me looking for used chainsaws’'
:x :x :x
you dont buy crap like that from an auction….there is a reason why they are there…then he tells me that one is missing a cover, and the other is a POULAN piece of dollar store garbage…. :sick:
he then got the parts guy to look up a cover for said chainsaw…cover NLA…then he calls the husqvarna dealer asking about a cover, same response…'‘they havent made that chainsaw in 10 + years, part is NLA…’' :laugh:
they are trying to make money, but going about it the wrong way…
they had a person come in with 2 mowers, they wanted to trade one mower for a tune up special on the other one….if it were me, i would have made some sort of deal…but they outright said no, told the person they would take his mower PLUS the cost of the tune up special….um thats no deal….
so the person made a deal with the competition, to trade his two mowers in on a new one….so we lost a potential customer, over the boss being greedy… :-/
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By blueturbofly
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had a fellow get a crank bolt on thursday….stretched and snapped one off…ok, it happens….
then he comes back, for another bolt…stretched and snapped off the one we gave him, but this time it was stuck in the crank….so he dropped the mower off late thursday….he was trying to install a thatching blade on his mower…

got the broken bolt out of the crank rather easily ( left hand drill bits for the win !) but i REFUSED to install his blade….
the '‘universal’‘ thatching blade mounting holes does not match his crank adapter in in any way , shape or form…so he would remove his six-star hole mowing blade, install the single hole ’‘universal’' thatching blade on top of the six star crank adapter, tighten it down, stretch and snap the fine thread bolt…they were stretched so bad, they looked like coarse thread bolts….
of course the blade wouldnt stay tight, it would just free spin, no key-ways for the blade to lock into…
we told him 4 different times that they do not make the blade you want, to fit your hub…
but he bought the '‘universal’' thatching blade from our competition, and he said it would fit…the old man even went back there after we told him and showed him it would not fit….

the universal blade comes with arbor adapters, but even the blade itself doesnt have the proper '‘six star’' hub….just a square 4 star hole, no-where even close to a six star…

so the old man comes back from the competition, tells us that the blade will fit, '‘just remove the arbor adapter’'….um why didnt the competition do that? oh, right, cuz it still wont fit his adapter, with the arbor removed….
the adapter on the mower also has a pulley on it, to operate the self-propelled front wheel drive….
so the parts guy knocked out the arbor adapter, and gave the '‘universal’' thatching blade back to the old guy….he will most likely be back for another bolt on monday, or end up having a bent crank-shaft/ bad bearings from a improperly mounted blade….
or have the blade come off and chop off his foot, or injure a bystander..

and another mower came in from the same competition…guy spent almost $200 for a tune- up, and it still doesnt run properly, and the competition wont take responsibility for it…. :-o
what kind of clown show is he running out there :-o
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By blueturbofly
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busy as usual, but this weather is all over the board…snow on sunday, then a warm 18 * yesterday, then back to rain / snow/ freezing crap for the rest of the week….ugh
lots of generators have shown up…easy repairs, mostly dirty carbs from sitting….but the warranty ones from invermere bc are always interesting….from dirty carbs (not covered under warranty ) to customer modified items….goofy home-made fuel lines…modified throttles to get more a/c power….way too many hours, for actual warranty work…fuel tanks full of garbage…
and when it comes down to it, the warranty work doesnt really pay for itself….more of a pain in the butt :grimacing:
1) diagnose said unit
2) determine if damage was defective equipment, or operator error…
3) call the warranty center on larger items…
4) if its simple, do the repair, and submit the claim
5) wait wait wait
6) claim gets approved or denied….even after all repairs are made….they can still say no warranty…then what ? who pays for the time to fix it? they can TRY to get the monies out of the customer, but who wants to pay for something, that is supposed to have a 3 year warranty ?

but people dont read the fine print, and it isnt explained to them by the seller…
each year of the warranty covers different things…and if it exceeds a certain amount of hours in the first year, it is considered '‘commercial’' use and only has 3 MONTHS WARRANTY, NOT 3 YEARS…
the last warranty generator i did on tuesday has 2,218 hrs on it….and its not even a year old yet….complaint of '‘ no fuel entering engine’'
um, customer tried repairing the fuel line, by inserting smaller tubing into the oem fuel line, where the oem line had broken in two places…but they used vinyl tubing, which doesn’t work with gas….
their repair was easy to see, and if i were the head honcho at can tire in invermere i would have told the customer to get stuffed, your unauthorized repair has made your warranty void….
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