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By blueturbofly
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as of friday, i was only 4 invoices behind….not bad….but i have 4 items soaking for different jobs….some really dirty carbs have come in…an older honda 1000ex genetrator….parts for it are nla…..badly gummed up fuel tank, has been sitting for 5 + years with gas in it…. :-o trying to get the gas tar /varnish out of the one of a kind fuel tank shut off switch…. :x
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By blueturbofly
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all caught up :-D so i did a shop lawn-mower for shop resale….and it sold an hour later :-o
two mowers came back, that i replaced belts on, back on monday…they do their own oil changes….put too much oil in one engine, but not enough (or any) in the other….AAAAND the overfull one smokes , and the other one makes a terrible internal noises :-o
they are commercial toro mowers, $4000+ EACH…..and this lawncare company is only LEASING them….ugh

i found the oil leak , on that lawntractor that a lady gave us….it has a push n turn valve for draining the oil…THE VALVE UNSCREWED FROM THE BLOCK WITH MY FINGERS!!! :P
clean the threads, and covered with red loc-tite and screwed back in….re-filled with oil, and no leaks!!!!
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By blueturbofly
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worked on this cute honda generator….

5 liter gas can for size reference…
it actually runs really good! but its only 300 watts….power for your phone charger? laptop charger? one lonely light bulb in your ice fishing shack? :laugh:
already had that lawn-tractor sold, before the parts arrived for it…. ;-)

the boss hired another parts guy, for our current parts guy to '‘train’‘ to replace him….our current parts guy is having prostate issues, and will be going for chemo soon….so, we have a new parts guy, he is more hands on and people friendly than our current parts guy….would be a nice change. people always ask me if the grumpy old man still works there, and i reply, ’‘yes, he is!!’' :laugh:
been busy with lots of stuff coming in for repairs…it is summer, after all…
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