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So I’ve been binge watching the show Rust valley Restoration on NETFLIX
It already has shown both seasons on History channel Canada
Local Tappen BC

The lead (Mike Hall) AKA “Rasta Basta”
Has a junk yard the theme is they restore old cars.
For his yard car he drives a Blu firefly vert and sometimes when they do a wide shot you can see a red FFVert

macuserman wrote: Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:13 pm

He was selling all his cars at one point before the show and there was a post with all his cars and he had a bunch if swifts on the lot.

WOW….. so familar
I had just lost 6 members of my family and the “wife” said please don’t burden me with your passion as i looked out in my driveway at 32 cars……
I did what had to got down to 9 cars I did something to cars
I was not proud of.!
Long story short I couldnt live with just 9 cars so i found a happy Medium and it about 15 cars
( well 17 cars ) but dont tell the wife
the secret is to not have all your cars in only one driveway.

I was at 8 when you were going through your tribulations… I’m up to 12 now.. well 14 if you count parts that could turn back into whole cars if reassembled..

stackers .. might be the solution.. only count the cars with all 4 wheels on the ground.
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You guys make me feel better knowing I’m not the only one with over ten cars. I’m lucky to have them spread out on the farm. I need to scrap a couple.

I noticed that when I watch the show that he was driving a FireFly Vert. Of all his cars it seems like he drives it the most.
sad that so many of his cars are rotting/ sitting in a field.. the show demonstrates how hard it is for someone like Mike to do a build for someone else for a fixed price and still make money..

many of his cars are not collectible… maybe he can build a Turbo Firefly vert next… lol
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