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For near 50 years ive been a fan of ultimate fuel economy….always owning something that would get 40+mpg as a commuter. Considering what the Sprints and Geos got in the day ( mine still does at 46 with ac on) hybrids and ev’s are highly overpriced jokes. If you can even begin to afford something like a Tesla, your in higher than the upper middle class, and until 80% of the driving society can afford such, the masses will never accept it. Not to include, if you live in the bulk of the country where many commute around a 100+ miles a day in baking or freezing weather, good look with a full round trip on a charge. Extreme economy but not extreme comfort. ( yes ive ridden in a white volt that could barely do the trip and the sweat was not pleasant). Of course with all the never before seen wisdom that is about to enter Washington, as a society we will all soon be forced off of the teet as it will likely no longer exist, if some have their way….so much for all our classic cars and that industry as well.
Nothing against future technology, fully support it…..but until it is in place, fully reliable, and affordable to all, trying to convert to full green is a joke….Ask California how that increasing green society works.
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