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OK guys, there has not been a gathering of Metro/Swift owners in the West for way to long. I am putting together an event. I don’t have all the details worked out. But have the bulk of the plan worked out. This event is a 1 day meet up, and cruise. We will meet up in Cresent City, CA in the morning for pictures and trading parts. When we are ready, we are going to cruise S. There are quite a few stops planned. This cruise is about creating photo opportunities for our Members cars. There are hotels and camping in the Cresent City area. Some of the things we will see on the cruise. Old growth Red Wood trees, Paul Bunyon and his Big Blue Ox Babe. A drive thru tree in Klamath. Beautiful scenic coast lines. More Red woods and even a place called Big Tree for photo op. I have not worked out if this is to be a 40, 60, or 80 mile cruise. All the other events do cruises, but this one is about the cruise, and the love of driving our cars. There will be no food or drinks provided. This is a BYOB event. Bring your own food and water. Please make sure your car is up to this drive. I am not sure if we stop in Orick, Trinidad or cruise all the way to the port in Eureka. But there is a lot to see and many pictures to be taken. Heck we might even see herds of elk on the side of the road. Come on out and lets get a picture of your Metro in a drive thru tree.

Sept 18, 0900 hrs we will start gathering. Not sure if at the port in CC or in the park near the port. I will have more details worked on soon. And this is an event in the Pacific North West, we cruise even if the sun comes out. Rain or shine. Hope to see you guys there.

All makes and models of Suzuki cars and SUVs welcome. But this is mainly about Metros/Swifts. If your looking to buy a Metro, it might be good to show up and see what might be for sale. No drama.
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