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By fireflyse
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I purchased a hood blanket from Tome Dimovski in Greece a year ago for 45 euro. Because of covid I was very patient but before christmas I finally got it out of him that Canada Post returned it to him because he failed to put the correct address on it. After suppling my address three more times he told me he doesn’t want to pay the shipping again or refund me. Now he has blocked me on Facebook .
Please do not do business with this person until he settles up with me.

I paid him via Western Union, there is no money back through them.
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By top [email protected]
Unfortunately this is not in all instances. I got my parts from him with no issue other than slow delivery. It seems like some of our Euro member sellers are not always trustworthy. I am dealing with a poor sale at the moment from another member of one of the groups. I will elaborate on that in the future.
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By top [email protected]
Walt wrote: Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:50 am


Really sorry to notich that.
I am from europe :-D

Not your fault and by no means do I think most are like this nor do I think it’s a Euro only thing. Scams/bad faith everywhere.
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