Discussion on anything swift related. Got a new whip? Spotted a swift somewhere? Just want to shoot the breeze about your cars?
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Not bad at all. He had me from the initial lunge from a 60 mph highway start. I wasn’t expecting him to take off. I even missed my shift and then I was on him like glue. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about that considering the Model Y he was driving retails at over $60,000. He didn’t have any high end acceleration. There must be a plateau in the power curve over certain speed.
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I’m trying to pull it off my front cam, but I can’t seem to find my mini to standard SD card reader. I looked all over for it yesterday. It starts recording over after I think 12 hours of footage.
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52 mm turbo
Custom o2 housing
full 2 ½″ mandrel exhaust
15 lbs
Vitara Pistons
King Race bearings
ARP head Studs
MLS Suzuki Headgasket
Balanced engine
Centerforce Dual Surface Clutch
Front Mount Intercooler
Ram Horn exhaust manifold custom built
Port matched exhaust
Greddy Blow Off Valve
Turbo Chip
Wilwood Brakes 11.75″
Poly Bushings
True cold air intake
TE37 15″
Smooth flow Intake piping
Probably sitting around 200 hp
Oil Cooler
Remote oil filter
underdrive aluminum crank
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At 15 psi pushing 13. My wideband has been giving me some problems. Currently reading an error code. I need to try recalibrating again. I replaced the sensor and it went out after two days. I’m either running rich except WOT or I’m loosing oil through the internal seal. New CHRA, but the design of the IHI has never been great there. I’m going standalone this summer just waiting for time to assemble and install. Yes, I’m running stock injectors.
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