Discussion on anything swift related. Got a new whip? Spotted a swift somewhere? Just want to shoot the breeze about your cars?
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By blueturbofly
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took the ’87 for a short rip down the road…
the hvac system needs a good cleaning- there is some stink coming thru the vents
idles at the point of almost stalling
lh caliper or brake line-came back from the short run, and the lh front wheel was smoking a bit- caliper not releasing, bottom slide in poor shape. cleaned up the slide, but caliper still sticks. out to the parts car i will go…… :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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wife and i attacked the oem caliper from the ’87, took it all apart and cleaned it, very minor rust coloring inside of the caliper / piston bore….the seals were all good, cleaned the bore &piston with crocus type cloth, polish but not scratch the parts….wife got the seal and clip in, with some fancy finger work- those caliper seals can be a real pain in the a$$

well, the cleaned caliper works!!! installed, bled the brakes, and the caliper now releases the rotor…. :-D that is a huge sigh of relief, reman calipers are very hard to find locally atm.. :P
sprayed duct cleaning foam thru and into the hvac system…i really dont want to pull the entire dash out…
installed some led bulbs in the gauge cluster
the donor car has an oem tach cluster, but the wiring is different- so i kept the oem dash without tach. i didnt feel like figuring out the wiring, or changing the wiring harness, or re-pinning the oem harness….i would have to dig deeper into the fsm for the ’87 to figure it out.
removed the previous owners wrong fuel filter, crappy worm gear hose clamps and cracked fuel lines….i have on hand new oem fuel filters, that just clip into the oem filter holder bracket… ;-) very nice, just drop in and turn until it locks in, install new hoses with proper no mar fuel injection hose clamps- not those silly worm gear clamps…i didn’t have enough of the oem constant tension hose clamps , to use those, so i used the second-best thing, fuel injection hose clamps.
the previous owner had a large metal fuel filter, for a newer ford fuel injected vehicle, just hanging from the fuel lines, not even clamped in… :-o
the fuel pump is not the oem one, with the return line that comes straight off of the pump-it has a mess of extra hoses and a plastic tee, so excess fuel can return to tank….just a mess of hoses and crappy worm gear clamps, looks like a 7 yr olds’ science project….

getting close to a decent shake-down run, just before winter…. :santas:
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By blueturbofly
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Walt wrote:

I have a pair of ’87 calipers wich I will not use.
Are these of intrest for you?

they are hard to find, the calipers for the ’87 cars….i thought someone did a knuckle swap, to install larger front brakes…..will have to dig thru some of the archives and see what i find….or just try a few different knuckles i have on hand…. :laugh:
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