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By dale50000
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Does anyone have a picture of the dizzy where the spark plug from the dizzy cap to the spark plugs. I mess up what wire go to what spark plug. Thanks
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By jamalspelling
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I did that the other day after replacing my head gasket and had to replace the wires
as well. I did the wires couple weeks before I fired it back up.
Well, it wouldn’t start. I put them in reverse, I tried to rely on my memory
and at the time was thinking backwards.

OK, so it’s really easy. Firing order is 1,3,2.
In fact, I think the cap is labeled, at least on MK1 T3.
As you are facing the top of the distributor, the rotor rotation is
counter-clockwise. Cylinder #1 is on the passenger side,
(unless it’s a Euro RH drive, then it’s driver side)
cylinder #3 is closest to the distributor.
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