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By blueturbofly
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so, 2 weeks of work with the '‘new’' parts guy- the other parts guy took 2 weeks off….the new parts guy has changed around the office dynamic, instead of leaving the customer at the front counter while you walk away to a separate office to look up parts, he moved the computer and monitor up to the front counter, so you dont have to turn your back to a customer when looking up parts…that is NOT going to go over well with the old parts guy, who liked hanging out in the secluded office , watching jennifer love huge tits on the computer…
will wait and see how this plays out… :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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new parts guy has already moved some shelving around….set up account portals, so there is no real need to call any supplier for parts, just look on their site, and if they have the parts, order said parts. making things easy. but pulling out what is left of his hair, at the other parts guys paperwork system…terrible paperwork.
there is even now a computer set up at the front desk, so you are always forward and facing the customer when they come in. ;-) no more running away to a back room to look up parts…
and the new parts guy is alot more '‘proactive’‘ when it comes to parts-he keeps a good paper trail. may just make the business run more ’‘lean’'- no more keeping parts in stock, that were /are not needed…

replaced a complete engine on a generator….the owner put the connecting rod thru the top of the block :-o and warranty gave him a replacement engine for free!!! it has a 5 year warranty on the ENTIRE UNIT…including the engine! not a bad warranty….

another larger gen set…would not start….actually 2 from the same fellow, a large champion 12,000w and a smaller firman 3000w suitcase. told me that his '‘mechanic ’' cleaned the carb, but it still would not run. I told him that i will decide if the carb is clean or not….but the smaller genset was under warranty, and we are not the warranty depo for that brand- so he took it somewhere else-in the meantime….
the big champion generator? carb full of water and water in the fuel tank. flushed it out as best as possible. runs great.
customer picks up the big generator, drops off the little one again- if its just carb work, it may not be covered under warranty if its bad fuel or clogged….
went to drain the carb of fuel, and it was rather clear and didnt smell or look gas like…um…it was straight water!!! :-o lots of water!!! 4 large glass jars of water, hardly any gas in the 5th jar….
and lots of water in the engine oil- noted complaint of '‘foamy engine oil’'- so i changed the oil as well.
blew out the tank, then flushed with fresh fuel…blew the water out of the carb….
it took some cranking, but it fired up!! :-D
so, both his generators, water in the fuel tanks…..hmmm
and its been getting warm….the shop i am in, has very poor insulation….its almost as hot inside, as outside…it was 28*c inside yesterday…and i do have some air movement, but not too much, or else it blows around dirt / dust in the carbs or whatnot that i am cleaning….

warranty lawnmower-took an entire engine apart (split the case) complaint of '‘engine went pop and quit’' after checking all the generic outside parts ( oil, air, fuel, spark) i cracked the case- the engine would pop out the carb, but dump fuel out the muffler…out of time?
NOPE. timing marks line up good from crank to cam, the PLASTIC gears and cam lobes looked ok, but there is always a possibility of the plastic cam lobes '‘spinning’' on there steel shaft (the lobes are just pressed on !!)
re-assemble engine, do more checks- spark seems crappy- very inconsistent….weird, i had already checked for spark, before opening engine, and it was good…or so i thought.
installed a good used test coil. and the mower fired right up :-o that was annoying, to say the least. :mad: after i had the whole darn thing apart, it was a faulty coil …always a curve ball, not every engine, that presents the same issues, has the same problem….
but, i have had 4 of the same brand mowers come in over the last 2 weeks, under warranty-same issues, will not restart….the engines have auto chokes, and they dont work the greatest once warmed up, but they still start….i cant fix it, if it isnt broken…. :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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been busy, and hot, both inside and outside at work…the older parts guy got the call from the doctor, on the last day of his 2 week vacation, that they have a cancellation and that they can start his chemo treatments right away. thats good news.

the other parts guy is on the fence, about staying at this job. now that the boss is thinking of selling, he is already looking at different jobs. thats too bad, i like the new parts guys attitude when it comes to finding parts- he actually scours the internet and parts houses, calls the customer before ordering pricey parts, and is good with customer service. and wants to change it up around the shop- mostly remove old dead stock….like, 12 year old dead stock. many old parts for rigid, Ryobi, dewalt, Makita, Hitachi, milwaukee, you name it…
so many smaller brand extra parts, that the companies dont exist anymore…parts for tools that havent been made for the last 10 + years….

tools arent like our cars- we dont throw them away when they break, we scour the internet and junkyards looking for parts :laugh:
i hate throwing away brand new parts, that MIGHT fit something, somewhere down the road….but there are so many random parts….

i will mention about setting up a table, and putting the old stock out for a super reduced sale, and after a month, throw it out…at least TRY to make some money from it…

been steady with the gas stuff …
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By blueturbofly
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a vertical shaft v-twin came in for '‘possible rebuild, uses oil- advise’' at least it was just the engine….
150 psi in one hole…not bad…
zero psi in the other hole …?
bad valves?
i looked into the spark plug hole, and saw this…

um…you should not see the piston rings , thru the spark plug hole…so, i pulled the head off..and oh yeah, the piston is wedged sideways!!!! :-o

well, whats left of the piston…so, i split the block, after the customer received the bad news, they gave us the engine to salvage. it needed to be bored out anyways, and needed a new crank, rods, pistons, gasket kit….around $1800…
oh hey there is the con rod…and piston parts…lots of it :laugh:

the engine had fresh oil in it. i know exactly what happened- these engines do not have a low oil shut down sensor. it was most likely ran low on oil, started making bad sounds, or made a bad sound, so they changed the oil, hoping that would fix it…. :oops:
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By blueturbofly
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its been steady at work, but not super busy…the new parts guy has found so many mistakes from the other parts guy….SO MANY MISTAKES….he found 2 order sheets, , full of good part #s, from 2 months ago- some parts that i need to fix a chainsaw…THE PARTS WERE NEVER ORDERED :mad:
and mis-ordered parts, and then not taking deposits on special order items- then the shop is stuck with a random or unique part, that sits on the shelf, collecting dust, that part IS NOT in the system, because its not a common use part….AAAAAND it sits and rots, just gets moved around and damaged, then EVENTUALLY gets thrown out, due to the fact that no one else needs that random part.

it gets frustrating. so many extra ordered parts. :x

the new guy was going thru the random invoices and finding that alot of the parts have been received, but not put out to the mechanic / tech to fix said item….
example: waiting for a carb kit for an echo string trimmer, since …MAY… :-o arrival of said carb kit was estimated 2nd week in…OCTOBER…wow
the new parts guy did some digging, figured out which carb kit it needs…..and , surprise surprise- we had 3 kits in stock :-o fairly common kit.
the parts guy found received parts, in the office, that had been there for at least 3 months….and the tool had been there for almost a year , waiting for the parts….just wow…
the old man has to go. the new guy doesnt want to be part time, he doesnt want the old guy to undo what changes he has already made, to make the business more '‘lean’'. he doesnt want to show up twice a week, just to undo the mistakes that the old parts guy makes, and not get any actual work done . just fixing another persons screw-ups. constantly :laugh:
he also cleaned the walls in the office, removed all the paperwork that had been taped to the walls, since 2011….alot of that paper info is now sent to us online….but the old guy doesnt like being online, unless he is looking at jennifer love huge tits :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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the new parts guy found MORE hidden parts, tools and invoices in the office, from the old parts guy…. :x a box labeled ''wrong parts / wrong numbers…what was he doing with them? some of the stuff goes back 5 years!!! :-o

worked on an old briggs engine. not sure of the year , the tag is missing from the block- but briggs made this engine design from 1918 until 1980 :-o

the only parts for it are a carb kit, spark plug, oil , gas and paint. thats it. :laugh:
it is a gear reduction/ belt drive output engine…with no recoil, or electric start… hand wrap your own rope around the crank shaft , and hope to god it doesnt wrap around backwards when it starts/ runs…..AND IT DID…
it came in non running, the gear reduction unit and housing removed- and blue silicone around the sealing surfaces.
the silicone doesnt belong there. it requires a paper gasket, to get the critical amount of crank-shaft end-play, for the engine to rotate and run.
i had to make said gaskets, as they were nla, due to the age of the engine, and its gear reduction design…that was a process. two round flat flange gaskets, with 4 mounting ears, one was 9.5 inches, the other, 6 inches in diameter but only ¼ of an inch wide….
but i got it done, rebuilt the carb, and had it running- what a beast to rope start with the gear reduction…
i clamped the engine to my rolling lift cart, took it outside, strapped a fuel tank to a chair, and let it run for a few minutes, let it warm up and tune the carb- noisy flathead, with no muffler, just a chunk of 2 inch pipe sticking out of the head :laugh:
you could idle it down so it was just a pop pop pop, like an old hit and miss engine…. ;-)
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By blueturbofly
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no green grass, but no snow-so it hasnt been that busy…. :P

the new parts guy found MORE hidden parts and invoices…. :-/

i found more of the same parts, from different suppliers, in different parts bins… parts that the old guy said we didnt have, but had actual part #s, and are in the system…. :mad: parts that i told customers we didnt have…. :oops:

we are in the process of moving all the inventory shelves, then start re-doing the inventory….why have the same parts , from 3 different suppliers, in 3 different boxes, on 3 different shelves? makes no sense to me.

it will be a mess, until all the shelves are moved….

my son found 4 armatures , on the floor under one of the shelves- he could have used them 2 weeks ago- the computer says we have 5 in stock, but there are only 4…they are over $500 each :-o and they are just sitting there , collecting dust…so, that is 2k of parts….what else did the other parts guy order wrong, and hide around the shop?
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By blueturbofly
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got all the shelving moved….spun the shelves 90 * from where they were. weird- gained more shop room plus more shelf space….have two shelving units completely empty now, after a little bit of organizing…
had to move the overhead lights, so they were over each aisle….
built a rack to hold string trimmers, so they are not on the floor, getting kicked or stepped on…

a honda v twin came in- would not rotate, customer changed oil & spark plugs….um nope that isnt the issue….
no.1 cylinder full of rust!!! the muffler is missing, all they had were rusty soup cans over the exhaust stacks…, water got in and sat in the cylinder for the last 4 years?
blew all the rust out of the cylinder- it was a smokestack of rust that came out the exhaust pipe…. :-o then screwed a funnel into the spark plug hole, and filled the cylinder with diesel and atf, and let it sit overnight….
the next day, the diesel level had dropped, so i put a large socket on the end of the crankshaft…..and it broke loose!! :-D but it would stop dead where the rings were stuck - so i just rocked it back and forth until it could make a full revolution or more , without getting hung up on the rusty cylinder / rings, and i didnt want to break a ring, either :beaten:

so, i hooked up a battery, and cranked it over, blowing out the remaining fluid from the cylinders. did a comp test -rusty cylinder 60 psi, other cylinder at 100 psi… :-( maybe it will come back better after i run it for a bit….? gave it a shot of spray, and it did fire :-D but the carb needed work…
so after the carb job, flushing their fuel pump, and fixing some sun-baked wiring, it runs on its own!!!

needs a blower fan / cooling fan ,on the flywheel- its so sun baked brittle that little pieces are breaking off….and new fuel lines and filter….but i did have it idling , sitting clamped to my rolling lift cart- boy does that have some bark to the uncorked exhaust :laugh: but i didnt rev it up all the way, i didnt want the fan to explode all over the place….common problem on honda v twins, broken cooling fans,-then the engine overheats and cooks itself…
the new fan is on order, and once i have all the parts and assembled, i will let it run for awhile, revving it up and down, and try to get the rings to seat better in #1 cylinder- hopefully the rings dont break…. ;-)
then give it another compression test- you can feel the exhaust pipe flow differences that #1 has less compression, but is still firing
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