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By blueturbofly
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not sure which car to work on next…i have since changed my mind on repairing the ’76 f150 and will be selling that truck, so i have room in the shop again….

so, will it be the
’87 3 / 3 / 5 n/a
’89 gti
turbo swap into a vert….?
gotta remember, winter is coming….and i do need parking inside, for when it gets cold…. :laugh:

my one car has a bit of a '‘lag’' when taking off….will do a fuel filter change and general check-over. my kid drove this car at one time, and was really bad for running on empty, and sucking up the garbage from the bottom of the tank….and plugging the fuel filter…
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By blueturbofly
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it was the ‘87 that got picked to be worked on….after airing up one tire, and using some carb spray to ’‘excite’' the engine, it was up and running….blew out a mouse house from the exhaust :laugh:
there was only a drivers seat mounted in this car, no carpet…i think that saved this car from any major mouse damage ( plus the copious amounts of rodent poison in the cars )
so the wife mixed up a bucket of hot water / bleach/ soap and we wiped down the entire steel floor, front to back, and under the wire loom / wiring runs everywhere. actually not that bad. found one rodent chewed wire that was easily cut back and a new bullet end installed (for the dome light switch)
the back speakers were not working….i guess when i mocked everything up i forgot to hook up the speakers :wacky: but they work now !!! i was just going to make a solid floor in the rear, but for now i will install the rear seat- its just that the fabric is in terrible shape, and i know how $$$$ it is to get them rebuilt….so, a bed sheet for now will have to do.
side windows are already tinted, now the wife and i need to tackle the rear glass and tint that.
i have whiteline bushings to install into the suspension. already has new struts and shocks, water pump / timing belt / coolant / t-stat

just trying to remember what i did to the car, before it got kicked outside to finish the shop…. :oops:
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By blueturbofly
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suzukitom wrote: Fri Aug 05, 2022 12:47 am
blueturbofly wrote: Tue Aug 02, 2022 5:48 am

cant for the life of me find the rear seatbelts for the ’87 :x

maybe tucked under the seat cushion?

did you use it to lift an engine?

stuffed into a box of electrical harnesses?

inside a toolbox?

ha ha maybe i sold them :laugh: i do have a donor car, but the color is different…it has a tan interior, the ’87 is….blue….surprise surprise :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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replaced a passengers side door handle that had broke, with a oem handle…lubed up the inner latch mechanism with graphite spray, as well as the window regulator .

:-o i am out of pass side door handles :-o but have 3 drivers door outer handles :laugh:
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