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By bbowens
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Hi, I’d like to make GT valve springs available to my customers, if possible. I see that they’re still available from Suzuki for the G10 and G13 SOHC, but not for the DOHC. I saw a mention of a spring for 2005 Aveo 1.6L, but I don’t know if that is also suitable for the GT DOHC (I think the post was for a G10 Turbo).

Comments? Recommendations?


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I spent a little time looking for a suitable replacement. I did find some useful information on Redlinegti.com. I have since forgotten what I found. In short order I wasn’t looking forward to spending the money on something I couldn’t verify would be the same or similar enough. I for one would be interested in a workable set to replace the ones I took out. All I ended up doing was cleaning up the set and just measuring what little info I had in the FSM to compare with. At some point I will need to replace them.
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